Could Plastic Bags Be Used To Fill Potholes?

Could Plastic Bags Be Used To Fill Potholes?

The state of the roads here in the UK is often in the news and it seems as though councils around the country are struggling to fill in all the many potholes that can now be found. But there may well be a new answer to their prayers in the form of the humble plastic bag.

According to a report in the Daily Express, Cumbria County Council has just started using a new bitumen substitute known as MR6, which is 60 per cent stronger and far longer lasting than asphalt… and it uses recycled plastic pellets.

These pellets are the equivalent of 800,000 one-use plastic bags or 500,000 plastic bottles so the government could kill two birds with one stone – reducing the amount of plastic waste and helping with road surfacing at the same time.

Cumbria council’s cabinet member for highways and transport Keith Little was quoted by the news source as saying: “Cumbria’s the first council in the country to trial this new road surface. Using this waste plastic material provides a more sustainable solution for road resurfacing. We will be using now it in a number of locations across Cumbria’s road network.”

The most recent Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance Survey from the Asphalt Industry Alliance shows that the average number of potholes being filled by local authorities has fallen. In England, a 19 per cent drop was seen, with the biggest decrease in London. The total amount spent on filling potholes in England and Wales in 2016 was estimated to be £102.3 million – the lowest figure seen since 2012.


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