Pothole Repair Procedures You Should Know About

Pothole Repair Procedures You Should Know About

At UK Surfacing Contractors, we know precisely how to fix potholes. Our pothole repairs in Glasgow are designed to make sure roadways are always kept in great condition.

Unfortunately, when asphalt becomes brittle during the winter months, it becomes susceptible to breakage. This, in turn, can severely damage your vehicle. The good news is, we offer pothole repairs in Edinburgh to keep the roads in proper condition. As a pothole repair company, we offer the following procedures.

1. Toss and Go

This is quite possibly the most widely used and affordable pothole repair processes. First, contracts pour cold concrete into a mixture and wait for it to settle. Next, they’ll use a compact tool to seal cracks to create a new surface. However, this is a quick fix, not a long-term solution. Using it too frequently and not doing the extra work below the surface, can lead to serious problems later.

2. Infrared

Widely known as a preventative measure, infrared pothole repairs in Glasgow are designed to take care of your driveway before cracks spiral out of control. Contractors use heat to warm the surface of the road with an infrared unit. After the surface is evenly heated, the team then goes in with a concrete mixture and allow that to solidify prior to racking it out. The result is a solid solution to potholes.

3. Restructuring and Removal

Severe potholes require a strong response as well. Restructuring and removing severe potholes start with a strategic milling and sawing of the surface to completely remove the potholes. As a pothole repair company, we take care to tackle the project head on doing what it takes to complete repair the surface area. Then they get to an even base and add a layer of aggregate. This will keep potholes away for 15 years or more depend on the environment.

No matter if you need a temporary fix for your pothole repairs in Edinburgh, we would be happy to help you. We passionately pursue the best tools and processes available to repair potholes. For more information about our processes, please contact our team today.


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