Pothole Problems Reported In East Lancashire

Pothole Problems Reported In East Lancashire

There are a growing number of potholes in East Lancashire, with some roads in danger of becoming unsafe for drivers, councillors in the local area have warned.

According to the Lancashire Telegraph, Lancashire County Council has received hundreds of reports of potholes since 1 January this year – and as a result some councillors are now demanding action.

Speaking to the newspaper, David Whipp, who represents Pendle Rural at the county council, said that he’s reported 50 potholes himself.

“Many roads in Pendle are literally falling apart, there is a growing plague of potholes in Pendle. Huge craters are appearing with no apparent action to repair them,” he stated.

Regent Street and Skipton Old Road are among the routes Mr Whipp cited as being in particularly poor condition at the moment.

County councillor Andrew Snowden, lead member for highways and transport at County Hall, explained that poor weather has made conditions on the county’s roads worse in recent weeks.

“We’re working hard to fix them as soon as we can,” he noted, adding that an additional £2 million was set aside in the budget last summer specifically to fix potholes in the region.

Over in Cumbria, a similar debate about the state of the roads is taking place. The News & Star revealed that there have been disagreements over whether a rise in the number of potholes in Cumbria has been caused by adverse weather or neglect on the part of the county council.

Some councillors are claiming that a lack of maintenance has led to some roads falling into a poor state of repair, while others believe the cold and wet weather, coupled with the gritting of roads, has led to more potholes and that this is a “seasonal problem”.

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