Watch Out For Snow Clearing Vehicles This Week!

Watch Out For Snow Clearing Vehicles This Week!

You’d perhaps be wise to only drive to work if you absolutely have to over the next few days, as the UK looks set to be battered by an awful lot of ice and snow. Chances are you’ll see snow clearing vehicles out in force, so do take care when passing them – especially gritters, as it can be dangerous to drive past them too fast.

According to the Independent, a mountain rescue team even had to be sent out in the Scottish borders to check on the welfare of more than 200 stranded motorists who found themselves caught in deep snow.

The Met Office has now issued an amber warning for snow in the borders as well as a yellow one for heavy snow and ice across northern England, and all of Scotland and Northern Ireland… and more is apparently on the way.

Speaking to the news service, the Met Office’s Nicola Maxey said: ““Certainly if you’re travelling you need to check delays and cancellations on public transport and think carefully about whether you really need to make your journey. There’s likely to be disruption to power supplies and mobile phone signal coverage could be affected, which is an additional factor.”

If you’re worried about your business having to shut up shop for the next few days until the snow disappears, you could always give us here at Highways UK a quick call. We can come out and clear all the pesky snow away so your employees and clients can still make it to you if necessary. There’s no need to stop trading or to disrupt your services just because of a little snow, after all.

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