Councils With Most Unfilled Potholes Revealed

Councils With Most Unfilled Potholes Revealed

To the general public, pothole repairs are extremely important, not only because they can look unsightly on roads, but because they can cause serious damage to their vehicles. It’s no surprise then, that pot holes are regularly reported on both private and public land, leaving it up to the council or site management to get a road surface repair team in to fix the damage.

According to new research reported by This Is Money, currently over 100,000 potholes, which could be considered dangerous, have been reported but are yet to be fixed. Using information from a cyclist’s site, which is logging reported pot holes, 24/7 Vehicle Rescue have come up with a list of the local councils who are struggling the most to keep up with their road repairs.

Surrey is, by a country mile, the worst offender, with some 6,700 unresolved pot holes according to the research – over twice the amount of the second place culprit Kent, with 3,194.

The problem is one of funds and also keeping up with the backlog, according to some local councils. A spokesperson for Surrey county council says: “We’re working incredibly hard to improve Surrey’s roads – potholes are fixed at a rate of around 260 a day – but as Surrey has some of the country’s busiest roads, wear and tear really takes its toll.”

Yorkshire does not feature in the top 10 problematic areas for potholes, however, figures sit at 1,453 for North Yorkshire County Council, which is still a huge issue for the many drivers in this county.


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