The Cost of Potholes In Yorkshire

The Cost of Potholes In Yorkshire

Pothole repairs in Yorkshire have never been so necessary, as a new report has found the county has nearly 93,000 potholes in its roads.

A study by price comparison site, published in the Yorkshire Post, has laid bare the league table of potholes on British highways, roads and lanes.

More than one million of the motoring menaces were reported to councils in 2016, with £3.1 million being paid by the local authorities to drivers in compensation for damage caused by poor road surfaces.

These local authorities shelled out an additional £104 million repairing these potholes according to the report, which was published following a Freedom of Information request.

Yorkshire is fifth from the top of the league table, with an estimated 92,894 potholes.

Motoring editor for Amanda Stretton said: “[Potholes] are a major bugbear among drivers, not least because of the damage they do to our vehicles – around £3.1 million worth of damage.

“If drivers experience a bump in the road, they should report it to their local council as soon as possible before the problem gets any worse.”

The survey found that the total depth of the UK’s potholes is more than 24 miles – which is four times as deep as the Pacific Ocean.

The York Press recently reported that in 2016, Yorkshire councils spent £5.4 million repairing potholes and an eye-watering £173,193 to compensate drivers whose vehicles were damaged because of an incident with a pothole.

UK Surfacing Contractors is helping alleviate some of the national issue with potholes, coming to the rescue of councils around the country to bring better road surfaces with minimal disruption to commuters.


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