New Laws To Protect Drivers

New Laws To Protect Drivers

Road marking contractors have always worked to make the road as safe as possible for motorists. This is done by providing marking that is as clear as possible.

One area that many motorists have found themselves unclear on is the circumstances under which cowboy car clampers can issue fines for parking in areas, that were otherwise unmarked.

This may be about to change with the introduction of some new laws which it is hoped will put an end to this injustice.

“For too long drivers have suffered from unjust fines at the hands of dodgy parking firms,” said Secretary of State for Communities Sajid Javid.

“We need a fairer, clearer and more consistent system that brings the small minority of unscrupulous operators in line with those who are behaving appropriately,” The Telegraph reported.

The RAC believes that up to £100 million in fines could be issued every year in illegitimate parking tickets, issued by private companies.

Sometimes these private firms have even been used by the public sector, with a landmark case last year seeing an NHS hospital get away with using a private firm to enforce tickets and fines on its own staff.

However, the practice has been criticised for being unclear and aggressive when pursuing fines.

Under the proposed legislation companies which fall foul of regulations designed to regulate their practise better, will be barred from accessing information about the vehicle owners from the DVLA.

This is currently handed out to companies for £2.50 a vehicle, a practice which has been criticised by many.


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