News / 14.02.2018

We’re in the middle of February now so you might expect for the weather to start cheering up just the tiniest bit – but no such luck for us poor souls here in the UK, unfortunately. In fact, it looks like it might be getting steadily worse!
News / 13.02.2018

The UK’s roads are some of the most congested of the world and, while they don’t come in at the top - that honour was reserved for Thailand - they are in at number ten, with only Russia and Turkey performing worse in Europe.
News / 29.01.2018

A new report from the Local Government Association (LGA) has revealed that the government will be spending £1.1 million per mile to maintain the UK’s strategic road network between 2015 and 2010. But local councils will be provided with just £21,000 per mile for local roads over the same timeframe. This means national roads will receive 52 times more funding by the year 2020!
News / 23.01.2018

To the general public, pothole repairs are extremely important, not only because they can look unsightly on roads, but because they can cause serious damage to their vehicles. It's no surprise then, that pot holes are regularly reported on both private and public land, leaving it up to the council or site management to get a road surface repair team in to fix the damage.
News / 17.01.2018

You’d perhaps be wise to only drive to work if you absolutely have to over the next few days, as the UK looks set to be battered by an awful lot of ice and snow. Chances are you’ll see snow clearing vehicles out in force, so do take care when passing them – especially gritters, as it can be dangerous to drive past them too fast.


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