News / 30.11.2017

At UK Surfacing Contractors, we pride ourselves on being the best tarmac company in London. For years, we have offered our clients exceptional tarmac surfacing in London and beyond. The problem is, few people know what makes a good group of tarmac contractors and what makes a bad group of them.
News / 30.11.2017

Are you aware that old road surfaces can be recycled? Probably not. As tarmac contractors in Sheffield, we help the world reduce its carbon footprint by recycling tarmac. Tarmac is one of a few materials that doesn’t need to be sent off to the landfill. Instead, it can be easily recycled by tarmac contractors in Nottingham or beyond.
News / 30.11.2017

Increasing the value of your property is important to get the most out of your investment. Whether you own a business or a private residence, the first thing potential buyers notice is your driveway. To add value to their property in London, some businesses hire tarmac contractors in London to resurface their driveway.
News / 30.11.2017

Asphalt and tarmac are the most used road surfacing materials available. To the unaware, these two distinct materials may look very much the same. As tarmac contractors in Leeds, we prefer tarmac to asphalt in many cases, however, we also like to keep our audience informed and in the loop. Today we’re going to take a closer look at why we as tarmac surfacing contractors use this material and how it differentiates from Asphalt.
News / 11.10.2017

The state of the roads here in the UK is often in the news and it seems as though councils around the country are struggling to fill in all the many potholes that can now be found. But there may well be a new answer to their prayers in the form of the humble plastic bag.


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