Resin Bond

Resin Bond

If you have been looking for a high-quality decorative answer to landscaping that is cost-effective and simple to install when handled by experts, look no further than our resin bond solution. This modern looking solution is virtually maintenance free and available in many different colours and grades.

At UK Surfacing Contractors, we have been offering resin bond surfaces for many years and have a fantastic choice of colours to choose from. We will have something available to match any aesthetic requirement – your new surface will seamlessly fit in with the existing surroundings.

The rough finish will offer excellent non-slip qualities, which makes our resin bond solutions an especially popular choice for public walkways. Highly durable against adverse weather conditions, the paving will require minimal maintenance over the years. All it needs is an occasional pressure wash.

Our resin bond surfaces will be able to easily withstand regular traffic from heavy vehicles as well as pedestrians. You will not need to worry about loose particles with this supremely resilient paving system offered by UK Surfacing Contractors.

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What Makes Our Resin Bond Surfaces Stand Out?

As a leading road surfacing and maintenance specialist, UK Surfacing Contractors is ideally placed to offer you resin bond solutions of the highest quality. With our strategically placed depots, we are able to cover the entirety of the UK with our 24-hour services, which other providers will not be able to offer.

If you are not completely sure whether resin bond would be the most appropriate solution for your desired purpose, then get in touch with UK Surfacing Contractors for an informal chat. We would be happy to listen to your requirements and offer you our professional opinion based on your current objectives. We will also give you an idea on price and realistic time frames for completion.

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How will the surface be installed?

First, a layer of resin will be applied to the existing surface by one of our experts. Aggregates are then scattered over the resin for a non-porous surface that has a coarse finish that effectively protects against slipping.

At UK Surfacing Contractors, we have carried out countless projects of this nature before. Our past customers would not hesitate to point you in our direction for an effective service carried out by courteous professionals with impeccable attention to detail.

What’s the difference between resin bound and resin bonded systems?

The key difference between the two surfaces is that one is porous, while the other is not. With resin bound systems, the aggregate is combined in a forced action mixer and then trowelled onto a surface by hand. With our resin bond system, a layer of resin will be applied onto the surface before a fine aggregate is scattered over the top of it.

How much will the surface fade over time?

You will not have to worry about your resin bond surface fading. Our systems are very light-stable and supremely resistant to adverse weather effects as well as discolouration. Even after heavy exposure to light spanning years, your system will remain strong and visually striking.


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