Surface Dressing

Surface Dressing

Surface dressing is a fantastic method for making a target area more durable and hard-wearing. UK Surfacing Contractors specialises in offering surface dressings as an alternative to asphalt to produce a natural finish that will perfectly complement the surroundings.

As a preventative maintenance solution, our surface dressing option will greatly extend the service life of the area in question. When compared to other common surfacing options used for similar purposes, dressings are very cost-effective.

At UK Surfacing Contractors, we have extensive experience with surface dressing and we will offer you a very fast application process with minimal disruption to the surrounding area. Despite our speed, the quality of the work will not be compromised in any way and you will receive a high-quality finish.

As an established technique with a proven track record of excellence when it comes to longevity, surface dressing offers durability, as well as decorative and aesthetic value.

Innovative surface dressing solutions such as the ones offered by UK Surfacing Contractors are the most effective method of maintaining UK roads. Our dressing will restore the original texture of the surface and completely seal it. This will protect against skidding and also act as a safeguard against the formation of potholes.

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Here at UK Surfacing Contractors, we are known for our road surfacing solutions and efficient maintenance services. With a nationwide reach and a dedicated team who works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we will be your one stop shop when looking for surface dressing.

With a dedicated team of surface dressing professionals on standby around the clock, your project will be in the safest of hands with UK Surfacing Contractors.

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Why surface dressing?

One of the leading causes of asphalt deteriorating is water ingress. This is where a surface dressing comes in. Our system will effectively protect against this type of deterioration and restore the pavement’s skid-resistance back to its original levels.

It is always recommended to stay one step ahead when it comes to protecting surfaces. Get in touch with UK Surfacing Contractors and we will help you increase the service life of rundown surfaces with our high-quality solutions.

How long will a surface dressing last?

Our high-quality surface dressing can extend the life of the affected area considerably. Medium to high traffic areas can expect an extension lasting up to ten years, whereas low to medium surfaces may be extended by up to 15 years.

Surface dressing is the single most cost-effective solution when it comes to extending the life of a pavement. The work done by UK Surfacing Contractors in this sector will save you money in the long term while increasing the time between maintenance calls being required.

Will driving on newly surfaced roads be different?

High-quality surface dressing installed by our accredited professionals at UK Surfacing Contractors will actually offer some of the finest road conditions for a smooth driving or riding experience. The new surface can be driven on almost immediately and you will notice the difference straight away.


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